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With a new name and logo, Albuquerque Rescue Mission was ready to transform into Steelbridge. A mission of hope and strength was the founding blocks of this non-profit that works to help the homeless, drug abusers, and victims of domestic violence to live safely and get their lives together. Vienna Creative was given the task to create a marketing campaign that needed to launch the new name and create the branding at the same time. We ran a consistent look throughout the print and digital advertising to coincide with the billboards, bus ads, collateral, and pull-up banners. Our goal was to streamline the transition with quick messaging and hashtag integration to peak interest and keep people familiar with the non-profit and the important work they do.

When starting our major re-branding campaign last year, I needed the knowledge and creative expertise of a branding expert. I was so blessed to find Matt and Vienna Creative. He came highly recommended to me from multiple people in the community and I now know why! He immediately caught our vision and was able to expand on it creatively in ways that I could not even imagine. He created our entire brand and was able to help us communicate our message is a way that enabled us to reach new donors and new community advocates, while engaging our current supporters in new ways. His work was fresh, beautiful and right on target with our goals and message. We would not have been able to launch such a successful re-branding campaign without his efforts. I loved working with Matt so much, I am now working with him in other roles for other organizations throughout the country."

Johanna Ruddy, Former VP of Development- Steelbridge (formerly ABQ Rescue Mission)